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Following the trend of our city, the company “Evro Kontakt” presents ready examples of honeymoons. We chose the following as countries that are suitable for such an event:

  • Maldives
  • Mauritius
  • Philippines
  • Bali
  • Czech Republic
  • Italy

Certainly this is not the full list of places, where you can go on honeymoon. Perhaps there are couples who like the heroine of the movie “Runaway Bride” want to climb Mount Everest. But all of us are focused on providing you with privacy, the azure sea, exotic and romantic!

Make your wedding a memorable journey will help you:

  • candlelit dinner on the beach
  • wedding ceremony
  • floral decoration of your room
  • such a things like champagne and chocolate
  • photo and video (even under water)
  • hairstylist and make-up
  • cruise on a hotel’s yacht to the shores of the uninhabited islands.

For just married couples, the company “Evro Kontakt” together with well-developed network of partners and specialized hotels is pleased to offer a discount up to 50% on accommodation. Mandatory condition of discounts for most countries — Marriage certificate (not more than 9 months from the date of the marriage).

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