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Cruise Train by Ferrari Designer

JR East railways (Japan) have teamed up with Ferrari designer Ken Okuyama to unveil a blueprint of plans for the luxury ‘Cruise Train’ which has a $55 million price tag. Expected to launch in the spring of 2017, the sleek design features observation cars with glass walls, deluxe suites and luxurious lounges.

Limited to 34 passengers, the exclusive design features 10 carriages including two observation areas with glass walls for passengers to take in the passing landscape. A window at the front of the train allows passengers to see the track and there will be plush sofa-style seating. Included in the design is a two-storey deluxe suite car with two beds on the lower floor, a private bathroom and a lounge area upstairs.

A further five guest sleeper carriages will also be available and the train will feature an EDC system that will allow it to run on both electric and non-electric rails. The designs for the train have been based on Japan’s super luxurious Seven Star designer trains of Kyushu. But no announcements on the price of tickets have been released yet so you might want to start saving now.

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