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The Flying Hotel

London design and innovation company Seymourpowell proposes to create a flying hotel — airship, which could make air cruises. If the project of a luxury airship Aircruise will be brought to life, it will open a new era in air transport luxury trips.

It is assumed that the ship will operate on solar energy and use hydrogen fuel cell engine. Aircruise will be able to travel at a speed of about 145 km / h. It is designed for 100 passengers, whose services — single and double bedroom apartments, penthouse, bar, lounge and public areas. Under the dome provides an observation deck with transparent walls. At the bottom will be a panoramic glass windows.

Aircruise, vertical 265-meter-long airship will be able to rise to a height of 3600 meters and fly over the sights. The way from London to New York will take approximately 37 hours, and from Los Angeles to Shanghai airship will fly four days.

“Project Aircruise casts doubt on the fact that in future trips premium will take place in a confined space will remain intensive and dependent on graphics airports. The world is waiting for the opportunity to travel leisurely and comfortable ”- said Nick Talbot, director of the Seymourpowell company’s projects.

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