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  • Насладитесь ароматом кухни Индийского океана и традиционных креольских блюд.
  • В баре L’Amirantes широкий выбор отменных вин и напитков
  • Расслабьтесь в тени деревьев и насладитесь изысканным ланчем на берегу океана
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Desroches Island

Mahe, Seychelles

Private Desroches Island is a luxurious Seychelles Resort in the Amirante Archipelago, considered to be of the most pristine and untouched islands still around today. The naturally inspired and tastefully modern Beach Retreats and Exclusive Villas provide the epitome in luxury and opulent indulgence.

Blessed with one of the world’s healthiest climates, and miles of unblemished beaches, Desroches Island is a refuge for romance, adventure and pampered relaxation. The exclusive and luxurious Desroches boasts the finest choice of dwelling in the Indian Ocean.Each of the Desroches Island accommodation possibilities offer unrivalled privacy in spacious luxury, tastefully modern designs that blend seamlessly into the exotic island vegetation, and artfully crafted finishes that make for a truly exclusive and bespoke island escape.

Desroches Island, measuring 6 km long and 1.5 km wide is concealed beneath the shade of coconut palms and endemic island vegetation. Desroches is one of the most beautiful islands in the world offering a myriad of activities that unite nature and man and accommodation that takes its inspiration from the untouched environment that surrounds it. 14km of immaculate white sandy beaches wrap around Desroches Island entirely, crystal blue water lapping at the shore and its own coral reef.


Located in the Indian Ocean only 230 km from Mahé Seychelles, 5° South of the equator, Desroches Island has one of the worlds healthiest malaria free climates. Desroches Island is the largest of the Amirantes outer islands of Seychelles and also the only outer island to have luxury accommodation. Desroches Island is linked to Mahé by daily schedule flights (±40 minutes), private charter flights, or a leisurely sail for those who prefer to take their time.

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Scuba Diving and Snorkelling. However, it’s not only the geographical isolation and sheer magnitude of marine life that make Desroches Island a must do diving destination; the unrivalled diverse offering of diving adventures is what sets Desroches Island apart from the more famous diving destinations in the world.. With the possibility to explore no less than 18 classified dive sites, divers can float in and out of mysterious labyrinths, unusual caves and columns which provide a host of unforgettable experiences, all in the company of a certified team of attentive professionals. For those guests looking to obtain or upgrade their diving tickets, a full PADI (Open Water and Advanced) are available as training courses. Beginners are also able to do the Discover Scuba initiation program and discover the underwater world of scuba.

Fishing. From the saddle of a bicycle or on foot, armed with a spinning rod, Desroches Island is the ideal place for anglers who would like to venture out on their own for some shore fishing. There is also the option of a 3 hour guided trip on board a flats skiff which allows access to some exceptional spots, which depend on the time of year, wind direction, tidal movements and bait proximity.

SPA “Escape”. The Desroches Island welcomes you to free mind, body and soul in the newly built Esape. Escape is the first Spa in the Indian Ocean to offer the exclusive range of treatments. Natural oils and expertly selected ingredients have been blended together to create signature treatments unique to Desroches Island, as well as a massage philosophy that draws from the ancient principles of Chinese five element theory to create equilibrium across all five elements. The Escape Angels are honed from holistic regions of South East Asia specialising in providing authentic Asian Spa treatments. For a truly private Spa experience, you can arrange Spa treatments in any one of many locations including your own private villa, on the beach or amongst the exotic island jungle.

Kayaks. All of the Desroches Island luxurious Villas and exclusive Retreats come equipped with your very own kayaks which make for the ultimate means of finding those secluded white sand palm fringed beaches.
Boutique. The Desroches Island Boutique is stocked with unique trinkets and treasures only to be found in the Indian Ocean. Browse through beautiful jewellery, stunning silver or pick up some last essentials for exploring paradise.


The Culinary and Liquid Talent on the island are an international assortment of unique cultural flavours each bringing with them a distinct philosophy to food that will be sure to fulfill all your gastronomic desires. The island gardens provide the organic herbs and vegetables and the surrounding ocean the sustainable seafood. All other ingredients are selected from the natural valleys of the Yarra Valley in Australia to the plains of Southern Africa ensuring the highest quality produce.

Hideaway. Inspired by the relaxed island atmosphere and located right on the beach, Hideaway is a place for guests to connect, meet one another and Indulge in the exotic flavors of Indian Ocean Cuisine. Gastronomic feasts are created and served between the Terrace or under the palms on the sands of the Indian Ocean. Breakfast and lunch is served at the Terrace with a delicious fresh Deli option for breakfasts.

The Terrace. Taste the internationally inspired flavours of Indian Ocean Cuisine and traditional Creole delights. The Terrace serves up a fine dining experience that will tickle your taste buds for hours after.

Beach Side. The Beach Side Dining is located at the water’s edge, allowing you to enjoy the secret songs of the Indian Ocean lapping at your feet. Specializing in light lunches and snacks, you can enjoy a Seybrew beer and take in the relaxing island atmosphere.

L’Amirante Bar. Let one of the Liquad Talents add some flavour and spice to your island adventure with a L’Amirantes mouth-watering cocktail. An extensive international wine and beverage list ensures that the L’Amirantes Bar is the perfect venue to kickstart a romantic evening of decadent delight.




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