Las Vegas


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    Las Vegas’ history begins from the times of the Spanish conquerors that came to Nevada in the middle of the 18 century. 50 years later Archibald and Helen Stewart acquired a ranch and named it Evaline La Vega Stewart, which later was shortened to Las Vegas. The city development was rapid, in 20 years numerous theatres, casinos, rodeos, golf courses and private jet airports appeared here. In 1931 the city got its first license for a casino opening. Since then large-scale construction began, creating complexes which included hotel, casino and Entertainment Park. On May, 15, 2005 Las Vegas celebrated its 100-year anniversary, featuring the world largest birthday cake and reconstruction of the events of 1905. Today Las Vegas hosts 17 out of 20 largest hotels in USA. Circus shows, theatre performances, entertainment concerts, architectural zests and, of course, the opportunity to fluke attract millions of tourists each year.

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