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Another Philosophy of Leisure

Travel collection

Every travel is about new sensations and’s the smell of the new places, the touch of the grass, the warmth of the sand or maybe just the exciting dynamics of a world’s top megalopolises. It’s about the evening drums of African villages and the steeples of medieval castles that jut upward into the sky. It may be the cup of morning coffee in a comfy cafe on the bank of Vltava River in Prague that gives you joy or just the brightly colored walls of the houses the Kingdom of Bhutan that common people live in. There comes the euphoric feeling you get going crazy shopping in Hong Kong or off a vacation in complete appeasement of the serenity of Maldives. It may be the breakfast in a private garden on the Island of Boracay or the horseback riding along the picturesque mountain trails in Montana, and more. New sensations all the way!!

Evrokontakt has put together wonderful packages, made of magical moments, based on what you wish for and what the company can do with its years-long experience in the field. Today the company is proud to present its unique travel packages to your attention.

Please find below our special tours made to satisfy people with the most demanding and exquisite taste. We offer accommodations at the best hotels in the world with the most optimal duration of stay. These tours are not overloaded with excursion programs. We want to see you stress free and relaxed. Evrokontakt will do its best to make sure you have enough time to go sightseeing on your own to the places of your choice, as well as what is recommended. We believe the kind of tours we offer will give you a unique opportunity to immerse into another world, allowing you to fully feel and understand the new setting and experience new sensations.

We have unlimited geographic choices and can take you anywhere in the world! Where would you like to go? Let our tour packages be a source of inspiration and help you make your dream vacations come true. Add another jewel to your life, travel with us in style!

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