Traveling as an Equation

For more than 25 years Evro Kontakt has been addressing a variety of issues with care and class. The company is renowned for being a class act in all aspects, be it the design and choice of the company uniform, picking the best texture and color of the paper for our “summer” envelopes or the issues that require the most attention and care to make sure our clients experience the best. The task of outmost importance to us is organizing your travel. After all, any journey is an equation with many variables, and the result must always be the same-excellence! We solve the problem for you.

What does Evro Kontakt offer to solve the problems in the Travel Equation?

For business people we offer: a selection of the best airlines and high class services to ensure the comfort of your trip, transportation route optimization with transit flight, luxury car rentals, assistance in buying real estate abroad.

For a family vacation we:choose island resort, taking into account the availability of infrastructure for children, make tour programs with visits to amusement parks, offer babysitting during your absence as you visit an evening concert that we will gladly have tickets reserved for you.

For couples we offer: organizing a wedding to the sounds of the harp in Venice, Customized photo shoot for the newlyweds in the English park in Prague, Recommendations to the best restaurants for a romantic dinner.

For “Girls Only Vacations” we offer: accommodations in SPA hotels that offer a special diet and weight loss programs, reservations for cosmetic procedures yoga classes and other practices under the guidance of experienced masters.

For sea lovers we offer: cruise on a small sailboat of a French company “Compagnie du Ponant,” or in the elegant Silversea ocean liners with an all-inclusive program, exquisite kitchen of Relais & Chateau, and theme nights dedicated to the attractions of the ports of call.

For those who have “up close and personal” relationship with skiing we offer: the leading ski resorts in the world, from the nearest resort in Japan and South Korea to the farthest in Switzerland and France, with a selection of a hotel with hot springs and the most convenient location to the lifts.

For all those who want to explore the world we offer: ethnic tours and excursions to the ancient “Tiger’s Nest” monastery in Bhutan, to the 9th century Buddhist temple Borobudur in Indonesia in the wake of lost civilizations in Peru.

For our loyal clients we offer: fast and immediate hotel reservations they can find themselves in “the very next day” through our professional online systems tracking bonuses from airlines, hotels and Evro Kontakt itself reports and analysis-based information from previous trips done through Evro Kontakt system of internal order management, Travel Solution System (TSS), was designed specifically for Evro Kontakt, in order to automatically keep track of all transactions and activities and have absolute control over the process.

Solely for the benefit and at the request of our loyal customers Evro Kontakt has also developed a non-profitable field such as “Medical Tourism” through which we offer assistance in selecting top clinics, doctors, as well as translation of medical documents. We are only pleased to see our clients healthy and happy. Their well-being also implies they will be travelling more often, with us!

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