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  • Facade of Grand Zermatterhof Hotel, Zermatt, Switzerland
  • Restaurant, Kempinski Grand Hotel, Switzerland
  • View on the peak Piz Palue, Morteratsch glacier, Switzerland
  • Peak "Dragon", Yongpyong, South Korea
  • Phoenix Park, South Korea
  • Phoenix Park, South Korea
  • View on the lake, Hotel Badrutt's Palace, Saint-Moritz, Switzerland
  • Pool, Hotel Badrutt's Palace, Saint-Moritz, Switzerland
  • View from the room, Grand Zermatterhof Hotel, Zermatt, Switzerland
  • Hotel Les Airelles, Courchevel, France
  • Riding on the sledge, Hotel Les Airelles, Courchevel, France
  • Salon suite gentiane room, Hotel Les Airelles, Courchevel, France
  • Hotel Les Airelles, Courchevel, France
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Ski Resorts

From Asia to Europe

Mountain skiing is one of the most popular means for winter time rest. Each year the number of winter sports lovers increases. Many prefer to spend their vacation in the beauty of mountains. European skiing resorts are a unity of ancient traditions and fabulous service. Zermatt is a trendy skiing resort in Switzerland. The resort is known for having no cars in the area at all. The only means of transportation here are either electric mobiles or sledges. This results in a reward for urban habitants: ideally clean air and silence; a true luxury for city dwellers. Zermatt has excellent restaurants, boutiques, indoor pools and courts, curling, squash and winter golf.

Saint Moritz is a small town in Switzerland. It is famous for its multiple first-class resorts that have history behind them. The “Badrutt’s Palace” hotel was built in 1896 by Caspar Badrutt, the son of the founder of winter resorts in Saint Moritz. Up to this date the place is unlike any other because of uniqueness of service here. This is how the story goes. You arrive by train. You get a warm welcomed at the station and then you are escorted to a Phantom VI Rolls-Royce of 1968 model. You are at the hotel. In the corner there is this charming lady, everyone calls “Bridge-Hostess.” She is always there to teach you to card tricks of this game.

“Kempinski Grand Hotel des Bains” is a modern alternative to conventional spas. This hotel opened in December of 2002. It has literally become the cradle of well-being. Saint Moritz Spring of Mauritius is a place attracting Europeans since the 14th century. The sacred water has a metal taste to it because of high quantity of Fe in the water. This holy water is available to all Hotel guests, springing from Spa Fountains. Asian skiing resorts are relatively young. However, they are great for the variety of skiing paths, excellent conditions for vacation and well-developed service infrastructure.

The artificially boosted slops and the elevator system of South Korean skiing resorts make the ride joyous for skiers of all levels. In most Japanese resorts you can enjoy skiing, plus swimming in hot springs. Hakuba is the Mecca for lovers of winter rest. This skiing resort in the mountains is one of the most renowned Japanese resorts that skiers and snowboarders adore.

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