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  • Egypt indigenous population
  • The pyramid, Egypt
  • Kumarakom, Kochi state, India
  • Maasai warriors jumping, Kenya
  • Colorful pictures of phallus on the walls of the houses as a symbol of fertility, Bhutan
  • Monastery Taktsang, Bhutan
  • Bali island, Indonesia
  • "Khachkars", Armenia
  • Terracotta army, China
  • Valley of Monuments, National reserve, USA
  • Hawaiian traditional dance Halau O Kekuhi
  • Machu-Picchu, Peru
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Ethnic Experience

Mysterious places, Ancient cultures

Ethnic Tours are for people who want to explore exotic places. Such tours begin with cult countries such as Peru, Brazil, New Zealand, Africa, India, Burma, Indonesia, Bhutan... These tours are empowering as they make it possible to be a part of an utterly different mysterious place, touch its ancient culture, and get to know the local people, their life-styles and the origin of traditions. Old civilizations are fascinating. No doubt about it. Peru is an enormous park of entertainments, a continent, compressed to a country.

Here you have it all: the ocean, mountains, jungles, deserts, a multimillion city, a grand river, puzzles of old civilizations, world’s highest navigational lake and, at last, plantations of coca. On your flight to Peru, far from above, you can see mysterious outlines of birds and animals in the desert of Nazca. These outlines look like a landing ground for UFOs. The ruins of cities and monument of Inca Civilization, such as Machu-Picchu, Chan-Chan, Cuzco, make you think of frailty of time and magnificence of ancient cultures.

If you are a lover of extreme adventures, experience the joy of tarzanka, rock-climbing, rafting, helicopter flights under waterfalls, races on sand hills, volcano excursions, boating on river in the jungle. After being culturally isolated for many centuries, the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan is finally opening its doors to foreign tourists. “Amankora,” belonging to Singapore Hotel Chain “Amanresorts”, is the first hotel in Bhutan that has foreign management. The hotel is a neat addition to the virgin lands of Paro. The hotel rooms are fascinating and are designed in Aman style that represents “Asian modernism”. The lack of urban civilizations makes this trip unprecedented.

South Africa is about rare animals, wild flora and incredible geographic features. It enables to be in several climate zones and feel the lightness of your being. Here you have the opportunity to make high leaps up to 200 meters. On the South-Eastern Coast is located the “Garden Route”. This is where you have many national reserves. Knysna, Plettenberg Bay, Tsitsikama and Addo are only a few of the places worth going. You can transcend into the nature in these places, by also having the comfort you are used to. You can stay in hotel camps that are safe, clean and comfortable.

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