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Evro Kontakt Privilege

Dear clients and visitors of our website. From april 10th 2017 we started a new loyalty program Evro Kontakt Privilege. The program provides III levels of customer service in our travel company:

  • Grafit,
  • Obsidian,
  • Steel.

Regardless of the level chosen all customers get a conceptual approach and high standards service in service.

Clients of all levels are provided

  • A unique personal account on the company’s website;
  • Accumulative discount *;
  • Detailed calculation of the tour;
  • Comparative analysis of prices for hotels;
  • Financial transparency in the history of payments;
  • Professional advice;
  • Regular mailings from the world of travel;
  • Emergency support while traveling.

*The cumulative discount is formed on the basis of such services as hotels, transfers, excursions, services at the airport and booking restaurants. Own innovative platform MOOS allows you to calculate the cost of each service based on the level of service and cumulative discount. The final cash balance is reflected in the client’s personal account on our site.

Ladies and gentlemen

We recommend you to become a member of the Evro Kontakt Privilege customer loyalty program.We sincerely hope that you will appreciate our concept of interaction.

Details by phone +7 (423) 251 53 54.

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