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Order № MOOS-08

My Grandpa lived the best he could. His only indulgence was his dreams of a better life. He told me that once that their ship had come to a port, which he had read a lot about. To visit that city was his greatest dream. But things didn′t go the way they should have gone. He was forced to stay on that ship and sail away. So his city remained away from the ship and only rested nicely in his day-dreams. He started day-dreaming of walking in the streets and boulevards of the city, meeting with people who spoke a language he didn′t understand... Long bays with the branches of piers holding numerous yachts, wonderful houses coming up from the water and continuous melody surrounding everything around... he was day-dreaming of his city. When he returned from his voyage he couldn′t stop remembering the city.

My grandfather came really close to a dream he had cherished all his life, but didn′t experience it...

Unfortunately, now he has poor health and doesn′t see well. He can′t go to his dream city alone any more and he doesn′t want to go there feeling he′s a powerless old man.

I really want to help my grandpa to live his dream and travel to that city but in a way so that he experiences no discomfort. He doesn′t want to go there as crippled old man without the freedom to see the city for himself. Please help me to arrange this trip if you can make your assistance and presence invisible. Enable him to feel powerful and almighty so that he can see, speak the language and communicate with anyone he wishes, and doesn′t have to worry about money or anything else and experience absolute freedom. In short, let him feel his dream come true.

A man with a walking-stick.

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