Privacy policy


“Evro Kontakt” guarantees the confidentiality of information provided by you. We only use this information for consideration of your tastes and preferences as we design your individual tour. By knowing the needs of our customers our managers develop special offers tailored to the customers′ preferences in order to ensure maximum comfort and high-level service.

Information required

  • Primary and mandatory information may include:
  • Last, first, middle name;
  • Contact details (telephone, e-mail, home address);
  • Occupation, education, hobby;
  • Previous tours, tour programs;
  • Personal preferences (smoking/non-smoking seats, meals preferences);
  • Information for booking;
  • Copy of traveler′s passport and Russian passport, copies of other documents.

Please note that booking of some services may require credit card numbers. For obtaining visas we may request detailed information about your relatives, revenue, health condition and other, in accordance with consular service requirements.

How we keep information received

In order to ensure high-level customer service we use “Travel Solution System” operational program, developed by “Evro Kontakt”, to create “Tour Profile” with data on each traveler and supposed tour route. At the same time “Passenger Name Record” (PNR) is formed and stored in our data base. This allows us to consider your traveling experience for planning future tours.

What we do with the information

In addition to Tour Profile and PRN creation “Evro Kontakt” uses trip data for further tours and trip related purposes.


“Evro Kontakt” may transfer trip data, customer data to tourist service provider (airline, hotel, cruise liner, tourist operator accepting tourists etc.) or to computer booking systems for booking. — Data consolidation: at the request of individual or corporate client (in this case information about employees is required) “Evro Kontakt” may form information messages and reports on tours ordered. — Bonus system: by storing data on each customer and his/her trips “Evro Kontakt” may form a bonus system for permanent customers and group tour leaders. — Data bases: in order to continuously improve customer service all over the world data on hotels, places of interest, specific features of certain countries, restaurants etc. requested individually by our customers are processed and stored in Travel Solution System general reference database. — New products and services: for the purpose of service improvement we can send additional information to our customer using our reference database without his/her personal request for a certain service, however relevant to his/her trip. For instance: list of the best restaurants in the vicinity of a certain hotel, new collection seasons in city fashion shops etc.

Safety measures and confidentiality:

In accordance with international data protection laws “Evro Kontakt” is taking appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect customer personal data from any accidental or unauthorized disclosure or deletion. Safety measures are determined for each office (manager) on individual basis depending on tours handled.

Please note that according to law customs and immigration authorities may require submission of booking information from airline.

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