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Evro Kontakt Style

Evro Kontakt logo and company mission is made in Garamond typeface. Garamond is not merely a script, it is more like a gold-bearing vein of printing explored that has been explored for four centuries already. In the middle of the sixteenth century French artisan Claude Garamond crated a typeface based on classic Italian shapes, and it was widely spread in Europe.

The classic and strict logo determines confidence and significance as the basic principle and foundation for both the company and company style. Company activities are demonstrated by a flexible line forming the symbol. Evro Kontakt logotype is a formalized letter “e” transformed into a modern, facile and dynamic symbol.

Deviation from traditional calligraphic principles of drawing a line in the logotype face and use of modern graphic language are to embody innovative ideas and modern approach to business in the company style. Combination of modern graphics and traditional classic proportions in the style solutions allow correct reflection of the company philosophy.

Company reliability in business relations and professional decisions are interpreted by solidity and strictness inherent to Evro Kontakt company style.

We have been working with Evro Kontakt 25 years. During this time they have successfully met the challenges of building a unique corporate style, constantly improving and growing. The most important task for us in this project has been the challenge of reflecting and conveying to people the essence of this impeccable company: their motives and professionalism in work management, their care and sense of responsibility in their relations with customers and partners.

The philosophy and the principles, cherished by Evro Kontakt, guarantee a high level of service and we have done our best to share that with you.

In the process of development and ongoing work to present the best offers to their clients, new elements of corporate identity, promotional and advertorial materials are created that need to be in compliance with the developed visual system. All these have been essential for progressive development of the company’s style, while maintaining the company image and signature with its specific stylistic features.

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