The formula of working

How to become our customer?

  • Application

First, please contact us by any convenient way for you, leave your name, phone number, indicate the purpose of your travel, specify your wishes — it will prepare the basic information and the contract for the development of the tour program at the time of our meeting. We start working on your order, as you signed an application, contract and gave prepayment.

  • Proposal for organizing the tour

Immediately after the treatment in the “Euro Kontakt” your fixed manager will be in contact with you and offer options for accommodation, flight, give tips on staying in the country, different combinations of routes. Finally, the selected option will be reflected in the proposal for the organization of the tour.

  • The tour program

Approved your proposal is for the manager to make a reservation basis. At this stage it is finally formed tour program, signed and comes into force an agreement on individual travel service that defines the rights and obligations of the parties throughout your trip.

  • Calculating of tour

Once all the details are confirmed, we provide you with the calculation of the cost of the tour with the deposit, which is paid by you.

Important: Provide a valid passport of all tour participants.

How does the tour calculate?

Cost of the tour is formed of airfare (fixed price of airfare specified on the ticket) and the cost of ground handling. The cost of ground handling services — is the cost of each individual service, transfer and expenses of the company for the organization of the tour (no more than 10% of the cost of services), including taxes, fees, communication costs and its own reward.

What documents do you get?

If you order with us organization of the trip, you wiil get the full package of documents: schedule airfare, detailed tour itinerary, tickets, vouchers for hotel accommodation, confirmation of the ordered services, insurance policies, as well as additional useful information about the host country, accommodation, etc.

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