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  • Meditation, Four Seasons Hotel at Sayan, Bali, Indonesia
  • Yoga lesson, Bali, Indonesia
  • Cosmetic procedure, Six Senses
  • Massage by rain shower, Four Seasons Hotel at Jimbaran Bay, Bali, Indonesia
  • Stonetherapy, Six Senses
  • Thai herb compress, Six Senses Spas
  • Massage, Hotel Ayana, Bali, Indonesia
  • Spa-room, Rachamankha Hotel, Thailand
  • Spa-procedure, Hotel Pimalai, Thailand
  • Tea pavilion, Hotel Peninsula, Hong Kong
  • Private Spa suite, Hotel Peninsula, Hong Kong
  • Spa-room, Hotel Four Seasons, Bali, Indonesia
  • TaiChi pavilion, One & Onely Hotel at Reethi Rah, Maldives
  • Lobby, Sereno Spa, Park Hyatt, Goa, India
  • Yoga lesson in the morning, Park Hyatt, Goa, India
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Yoga lessons, Nutrition program

Vacation in a Spa-Hotel is first of all a recovery journey and a great opportunity to get to know a new country. “SPA” is an abbreviation “Sanus Per Aquam” which translates as “Health with Water.” Spa-treatment is based not only on the use of mineral water. It uses sea water, herbs, microorganisms, different types of facial and body massage, and variety of many therapeutic methods. Along with traditional methods, the spas also use up to date rejuvenation and cosmetic sessions. Famous chain “Six Senses” is made of hotels specialized in spa treatments. The underlying concept of “Six Senses” is uniting humans with nature. The focus here is on the serenity of a private rest in a room where you receive the highest possible service. In spa-centers of “Six Senses”, along with usual treatment methods (envelopment, mud cure, stone therapy and aromatherapy), the customers also receive acupuncture, ayurveda, yoga, meditation and different kinds of massage therapy.

Spa Resort “Ritz Carlton Bali Thalasso & Spa” is located on a rock. It has a fabulous panoramic view of Jimbaran Bay. This Spa resort is a harmonious mix of European hydrotherapy with sea water and healing traditions of Bali. The place takes pride in its Aquatonic Pool (60 square meters). It uses hydrotherapeutic sessions. It works through water streams under pressure, in micro bubbles that make a “water bed”. Each spa program uses techniques based on traditional Bali and Javanese medicine. The hotel in this resort is designed in Ancient Indonesia style. Therapeutic and cosmetic treatments use sea water and aquatic plants taken from all corners of Asia. They are truly unique, just like everything else that Ritz Carlton hotel has to offer.

The largest chain of hotels in Asia “Shangri-La” is opening its first SPA-Salon “Chi”. There will be twenty of them in the future. In “Chi Spa Salon” of “Shangri-La Hotel” in Bangkok, you will stay with your inner self and take a rest next to the water, in the serenity of the park, relishing the aroma of the lit candles and incense. “Chi” spa salon uses rejuvenating methods of ancient traditions of China, Nepal and Tibet. Each treatment takes 2,5 to 5 hours. The session starts with questions that reveal your natural element that defines your personality type: metal, water, wood, fire or earth. These substances are considered to reflect man’s nature and the type of his or her body structure. Based on your answers, the spa picks aromatic herbs, oils and spices to help you bring your mind, body and soul to complete inner harmony.

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