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    Mahe is the largest island of the Seychelles. It’s big enough not to feel isolated from the outer world and at the same time quite exotic to immerge in the tropical atmosphere. Here tourists can find serene secluded bays, lively beaches with all conditions for an active vacation, all kinds of entertainment, and, of course, amazingly beautiful landscapes. Mahe contains the capital city of Victoria — the only city on the whole island. It is buried in the verdure of huge coconut palms and surrounded by cinnamon plantations. On the intersection of the two main streets there is a miniature copy of the London’s Big Ben. This small clock tower reminds of the times when the Seychelles were the British colony. In October a great holiday takes place on the island — the Creole Festival featuring concerts, exhibitions, performances and culinary nights. Mahe is a perfect spot to start an exotic journey to numerous islands of this archipelago.

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