Koh Samui


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    The Samui Island located 80 km to the eastern coast of Thailand became famous only 10 years ago, but already compete with Phuket as the most popular country’s marine resort. Samui is surrounded by 60 other islands, which compose the Ang Thong Marine National Park. The central part of the island is crossed by mountain range stretching from west to east. The rest of the territory is hilly with forests growing atop. Coastal areas are comprised of wonderful beaches and bays. The plains are adorned with coconut palms which make the islanders’ main source of income — Samui’s coconuts are acknowledged to be the best in the world. This island differs from the others because it stays beautifully simple. Its main natural places of interest are two waterfalls, Hin Lat and Namuang. Island activities include jungle tours, elephant riding, and superb diving. Travelers can visit Aquarium with sea inhabitants, Snake Farm, Monkey Theatre, and Butterfly Garden. Samui is the best destination for those who want to relax and immerse in tropical atmosphere.

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