Machu Picchu


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    Ancient town lost deep in the Andes 2450 meters above sea level is one of the most important monuments of the Inca Civilization. Located between two ridge-roofed peaks and fringed with the mountain ridge, Machu Picchu is situated above the Urubamba Valley, sinking in the white clouds and thick mists. This charming Peruvian town is included in the list of architectural monuments of universal importance. It strikes with solidity and strength of its constructions, balanced territory usage and distribution, at the same time harmoniously blending with the scenery. The name of the town derives from Quechua meaning “Old Peak”. Mysterious ruins of Machu Picchu are unbelievably attractive among tourists who love enigmatic things. Almost every stone keeps ancient secrets. Why Incas decided to settle in a region so difficult of access high in the Andes, nobody knows for sure. Some scientists say that it was a place where lived grand people, priests and mamacunas — virgins who declared their life to serving the god of Sun. The town was assumed to have just a sacred religious predestination. Due to its strategic location in the Andes, it was not occupied by Spanish conquistadors, which prevented the town from being robbed. Now it is relatively intact and considered to be the most important site of the Peruvian culture.

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