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    Macau is a truly unique place. For years it was a Portuguese colony and only in 1999 was returned to China. Thus the last foreign land possession in China disappeared from the political map of the world. Macau features unique Chinese and Portuguese heritage: traditional Chinese temples, Baroques cathedrals, old fortresses and peculiar cuisine. Most of the tourists come here for entertainment: to gamble in the luxurious casinos, visit dog, horse and car races and even to watch corrida. Macau, even more than Hong Kong, features the mixing of eastern and western cultures. During the years of Portuguese dominion Chinese traditions have weakened, but still haven’t disappeared for all. Constructions built in traditional styles of different cultures can be seen everywhere. Macau’s orientation towards tourism and service industries was the cornerstone of creation of the world-class hotel chains, restaurants and entertainment centers with the high quality service.

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