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    Budapest is the capital of Hungary, its main political, cultural, commercial, industrial and transport center. It is the only European capital having the status of a resort-city. Even considering huge damage brought during the World War II and the communistic period, it still has some well preserved architectural and historical monuments, reflecting the history of the city and the whole Hungary. It is the place of the largest Parliament in Europe, the largest operating synagogue and the first underground on the continent. Neighboring each other, there are fortifications and ruins of the buildings belonging to the epoch of the Roman Empire, being exploited in present time; Turkish baths; gothic and baroques monuments. In March, during the fortnight all main city concert halls and theatres hold the Spring Festival: various performances from opera and ballet to classical music and drama. The population of Budapest is more than 1.8 million of people; it is one of the largest cities in the EU. It adorns both banks of the Danube River with its beautiful historical buildings, royal bridges and elegant boulevards with planted trees. For its beauty and romantic atmosphere Budapest got the status “Paris of the East Europe”.

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