Karlovy Vary

Czech republic

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    The largest resort in the Czech Republic, Karlovy Vary is situated just 120 km away from Prague and 50 km from the German border. Karlovy Vary is the city of romantic architecture and famous colonnades with healing springs; it is a world-wide known resort and the place of quiet promenades in the thick forests, the city of concert halls and film festivals. Karlovy Vary was founded by the Czech King, Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV, who was impressed by the abundance of hot springs arising in the Valley of Tepla River. Today, 12 healing springs come to the surface, similar in chemical composition, but having different content of carbon dioxide and temperature ranging from 40 to 72C. Reaching the depth of 3000 meters, the water saturates with carbon dioxide, mineral elements and, heated by the earth magma, comes back to the surface. The city is built in the shape of stepped terraces which give it picturesque look. Beautiful parks and promenades with numerous healing springs make the city uniquely elegant. The resort hosts many annual festivals, including the Festival of Opera and Operetta, European Film Festival, Jazz Festival, and musical contests and concerts of classical music. The location close to the border with Germany allows tourists to combine the tour with the excursions to Dresden and other cities.

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