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    The resort city in Mexico 40 years ago was just a deserted island. In ancient Maia language “Cancun” means “the snake’s neck”. Located in the Caribbean region Cancun is comprised of sandy dunes and mangrove jungles in the shape of a symbol “7” which in some parts is separated from the mainland by 20-meter canals. The development project of Cancun started in January, 1970. Its main goal was the creation of tourist area with high-developed infrastructure, international airport and the construction of houses for local residents. Nowadays Cancun is the most developed city on the Yucatan Peninsula with a population of 500 thousand people and the largest resort of the country featuring cultural relics of the Maia tribes, family promenades in ecoparks, the variety of water sports, best golf courses and rich night life with numerous restaurants and bars.

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