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    Cascais is the popular resort on the Estoril coast located 30 km to the west of Lisbon. In the 14 century occurred an important event in Cascais development, when the city became the sea gate of Lisbon and a lively port. However, in the second part of the 19 century when swimming in the sea became popular, Cascais rapidly turned into luxurious summer resort. The main landmark of the city is St. George’s Castle located on the high hill. Its foothills house the medieval quarter Alfama with the streets and staircases reminding of Arabs, who lived here before they were ousted in 1147 by the first king of Portugal. Bethlehem Tower and Hieronymites Monastery are designated as the world cultural heritage. Recently Cascais has turned into a real youth center with numerous discos and night clubs. People who enjoy nightlife come here from all over the world. Cascais surroundings are famous for their excellent beaches, golf courses and casinos.

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