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    The name of the city founded in the 12 century means “the dam on the River Amstel”. In total, there are 165 canals and 1280 bridges in the city. Amsterdam today is one of the most important cultural centers of Europe holding, besides the daily concerts and theatre performances, 75 international and national Festivals annually. As usual for Europe, the city has the historical center with medieval buildings and Royal palace, as well as modern financial center with glass facades and technological novelties in the architecture. The capital of the Netherlands with a population of 750 thousand people, besides of its cultural heritage, attracts with its economic stability; many companies open here their head offices. Amsterdam is called the city of diamonds, it is the place where, since 1586, for more than 400 years has been operating the largest in Europe diamond working center. Family vacationers tend to visit the oldest zoo in Holland — the number of animals there is more than 6000 species. Theme artificial gardens with 3-century-old trees immerse into the truly primeval atmosphere away from the city’s haste and pace. Charming canals, historical monuments, prestige museums and a large amount of bicycles are the main features of the city.

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