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    Just in the 19 century Cannes was a small fishing settlement. In 1834 English lord Henry Brougham being aware of the plague epidemic which occurred in Nice surroundings, had to stay in Cannes. He was so amazed with the beautiful landscapes that bought here the lot of land, built villa on it and moved its winter residence to Cannes.

    Other English noblemen followed his example. In the town was laid now well-know quay Croisette, which has also become the road to the Palais des Festivals since 1946. During the Film Festival the city becomes the epicenter of the high life not only of Europe, but of the whole world. Thousands fans come to Cannes to see their idols.

    Beaches here deserve individual mentioning — Cannes is visited by Nice citizens, whose status doesn’t let them relax even for a minute. It’s not only about the fact that Nice has pebble beaches, while there’s sand in Cannes. Local beaches are real branches of five-star hotels. Beautiful white yachts on the azure smooth waters and kilometers of beaches with imported golden sand attract numerous vacationers to Cannes. Climate here is mild and dry, the rains are quite rare. At night no one is bored in Cannes — bars, discos and casinos are open till the dawn.

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