Lake Placid


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    Lake Placid, located in the Adirondack Mountains on the shores of the namesake lake is one of the best ski resorts of the eastern American coast. The Adirondack Park occupies almost one-third of the territory of New York state. The amazing landscape created by nature more than 10 thousand years ago is comprised of steep mounts, wide lakes, swift rivers and mixed forests with rich fauna. The southern part of the settlement is adjacent to the Lake Placid; in its central part lays the Mirror Lake. The central street of the town is just steps from it. The relief is comprised of the Appalachian mountain range. This resort is perfect not only for skiing and snowboarding but for other winter sports as well — there are well-equipped facilities for winter activities. Lake Placid housed Winter Olympics in 1932 and 1980. There is the whole region High Peaks Wilderness devoted for trekking with numerous tourist routes. Driving snowmobiles, horse and dog relays, sledging and horse riding is just a short list of activities offered by Lake Placid.

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