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    One of the largest cities in the central part of Vietnam, which is currently an important commercial and educational center of the country. In the ancient language chaamskom “yes nak” means big water, the source of the river. This is due to the geographical location of the city. The first contacts with the West were established in 1535 year, when Portuguese navigators entered in Danang. Then there were periods of French colonization and the Vietnam War.

    Nowadays, Da-Nang is fourth in the list of the most developed city in Vietnam by economic indicators. Tourism — an important sector of the economy. Popularity of destinations substantiated by central position, long white sand beaches in the whole city and its proximity to the world’s historic sites. Within 100 km. from Danang are such famous UNESCO monuments as the imperial city of Hue, the old town of Hoi An and the ruins of Mi Sen.

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