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    Palermo — is the capital of the Italian region of Sicily with the many millions of people, founded by the Phoenicians in 754 BC. Inexpressible flavor of Palermo attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. No wonder the founders of this port city, Phoenicians, called him “the flower”. Today, Palermo is a real inflorescence of people, languages and cultures. City managed to get under the yoke of the French, Normans, Arabs and Romans. Over its history of three thousand years it has evolved from an ordinary commercial port in one of the most prosperous cities in the Mediterranean. Palermo has its charm and makes a deep impression on visitors.

    Such an abundance of historic buildings, architectural masterpieces, interesting museum’s collections do not often meet in other towns. A special attraction of the city is the Palatine Chapel — one of the wonders of the European Middle Ages, with a carved wooden roof, painted in the Arab spirit, and a variety of high-quality mosaics on secular themes, made by craftsmen from Constantinople. In the neighborhood of Palermo there is Monte Pellegrino, which has a wonderful view and the church of St. Rosalia, which is considered the patroness of the city.

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