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    Kenya’s capital city, Nairobi is a haunt for those seeking nature in its raw wild state. Termed as the Safari capital of the world, Nairobi is skirted with scintillating impressive mountain ranges, landscape, wildlife and modernday skyscrapers. Hence, from budding entrepreneurs to wildlife lovers Nairobi has something to offer for all, making this East African city unique is its vast and varied offerings. Home to some 3,000 species of endangered animals, wildlife sanctuaries, forests reserve and parks, Nairobi is a heaven for true seekers of the wild and untamed. From music clubs pulsating with life to hustling shops and markets, and a range of restaurants that will tempt your taste buds, this place lends a truly mystical and enchanting flavour which you cannot miss. Top sights in Nairobi include the Karen Blixen Museum, Giraffe Centre, Jamia Mosque, and the black rhinos of Nairobi National Park. There is also a well-planned commercial centre. So, while enjoying the panoramic view of the mountains you could even strike business deals as Nairobi has immense opportunities for those who are ready to invest. This city is bustling with life and therefore attracts thousands of tourists from all parts of the world. All in all, Nairobi is a city that never sleeps and is always bustling with exuberant spirit.

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