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    Brescia lies at the bottom of the hills below the Alps. The first settlement was here in the Bronze Age, when the Ligurians arrived here.

    This city is able to please those who love quiet walks through historic sites, and outdoor enthusiasts. Brescia is located near the beautiful lakes Iseo, Idro, Garda, also you can take a tour on a yacht or a boat. Foothills of the Alps in winter allow to practice skiing and summer make fascinating walks through the picturesque hills.

    Local Attractions effect on tourists by unusual impression. Most often, you do not expect to see in one city buildings of Renaissance, Baroque and square, which seems moved here from Venice, the ruins of Roman settlements and masterpieces of rock art.

    Brescia — is the second of largest cities in Lombardy and the administrative center of the province’s largest region. The southern part of the city, which is so-called Brescia-2, it is an ultra-modern “city of the future.”

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