Phnum Penh


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    Phnom Penh was once considered as the most beautiful village in the French colonies of Asia, but most of notable places were destroyed as a result of numerous wars. Phnom Penh today is a modern metropolis, which is near the ancient Buddhist pagodas and luxurious royal palaces peacefully coexist with brand new skyscrapers.

    Currently, Phnom Penh is not only the political center of Cambodia, but also it is a large industrial city. Due to its geographical position (at the intersection of three major rivers) Phnom Penh has been developed as a major river port in the country. In addition, there is a well developed metalworking, woodworking, food and textile industries.

    Phnom Penh is considered as a major scientific and cultural center of Cambodia. Here are concentrated the major universities of the country (Khmer Royal University, Buddhist University, Royal University of Fine Arts and many other institutions). There is a delightful Royal Ballet, the National Museum and the National Theatre in the Cambodian capital.

    Phnom Penh is located in the tropical climate zone. The city notes hot weather for all year round, while there is a clear separation of the two seasons — dry and rainy. The dry season lasts from November till April. The average temperature in the period is more than +22 ° C.

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