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    Mallorca — is a Spanish island belonging to the Balearic Islands, is the largest of the archipelago. “The biggest” (the island’s name translates from Spanish) is popular among tourists, the flow of which is constantly growing: till 12 million. Tourists annually visit this resort. This is mainly Germans, British, French and Swiss.

    Favorable and mild climate of Mallorca is not characterized by the sweltering heat, but even in winter it is a pleasure to spend time. Tourist’s season starts in April and ends in October.

    High season is in July and August — the maximum number of tourists. But perhaps the most favorable time for a holiday in Majorca is the end of August — September. September — is the most interesting time for beginners in diving and for experts in scuba diving. On the territory there is a lot of hotels and city’s beaches, there are schools and hire of equipment for swimming. Experienced instructors will teach properly how to dive and breathe underwater. Also the underwater world here is amazing — exotic flora and fauna sometimes surprises even experienced divers.

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