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    Yogyakarta is known as Neverending Asia for its endless attractions. As one of Indonesia’s 32 provinces, this city is one of the foremost cultural centers of Indonesia. From climbing the magnificent Borobudur temple, visiting the Keraton, — the Sultan’s Palace — to watching silversmiths produce amazing jewelry at Kotagede, to shopping up a storm at Malioboro road, you’ll never be bored in this relatively small yet bustling city.

    In the immediate vicinity of Yogyakarta there is world famous Borobudur stupa , that was built in the eighth century AD. Unique structure covered with carved reliefs on the base length of 118 meters and rises with eight storeys into the sky. The upper tier there is located 72 stupas around the center, inside the stupa 504 Buddha statues placed and there are more than a thousand reliefs on religious themes.

    Another temple complex — is Prambanan, that’s located in 18 kilometers east of Yogyakarta. Erected in 856, the complex dedicated to the victory of the Hindu king over Buddhist predecessor, it consists of eight buildings. The most famous of them, dedicated to Shiva 47-meter temple Lara Dzhongrang.

    Traditional entertainment, that’s most popular in Yogyakarta is Wayang kulit — Shadow Theatre. Also the most visiting entertainment is the classical Javanese dancing presentation or rehearsals, which are held on Sundays at the Palace Kraton.

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