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    Berlin, capital of Germany, won the sympathy of their guests, due to the incredible diversity of its attractions, rich cultural programs and its special atmosphere, lively and relaxed at the same time.

    An integral feature of Berlin — is the contrast between historical buildings and modern buildings, between tradition and modern history. Berlin attractions, from the Brandenburg Gate to the residence of the Federal Chancellor, tell the story of a nation.

    Berlin — is a city of art, it’s a city of artists and museums. Treasures of world culture are showed the world by more than 170 museums, including the world-famous complex of museums on the Museum Island. Lovers of classical music know and appreciate the Berlin’s orchestras, especially the famous Berlin Philharmonic, and three musical theaters in Berlin, gained notoriety due to its interesting opera and ballet productions.

    Numerous theaters, Variety Theater with their entertainments and cabaret performances, ensure evening program for every taste.

    The famous boulevard Kurfürstendamm, elegant Friedrichstrasse and designer boutiques in the area of architectural complex Hackescher Höfe, without a doubt, will delight lovers of shopping, fashion and style.

    Berlin identifies trends in style, music and contemporary art. Creative atmosphere of the city attracts artists, poets and artists from various countries of the world, which makes Berlin one of the most interesting parts of Europe.

    An integral feature of Berlin today — is its lively, colorful and amazingly energetic atmosphere.

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