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    Chengdu is the capital of Sichuan Province, the most liveable city in West China and the fourth most liveable city in China. Located in the heart of the country it is the gate for travelers to Tibet in the West, Xi’an in the North and Kunming in the South. Chengdu is well known for its art and music schools where students can learn about Fine Arts, Acting, Singing and Dancing. Attending a Sichuan opera performance is a must for any Chengdu visitor. Chengdu is also famous for its laid-back lifestyle with plenty of parks, teahouses and people playing Ma-jiang (a traditional Chinese game) in the streets. Food-wise, Chengdu is marvellous, especially for those who cannot get enough of spicy food — the world-famous Sichuan pepper and chillies are used in almost every dish.

    Last but not least: Chengdu is the home of the Giant Panda, the Red Panda, and the world’s largest Panda breeding and research base. Like in any other Chinese city, you can find many big shopping facilities, one of which is on Chunxi Road near TianFu Square. If it is the ancient China you are interested in, you won’t be disappointed in Chengdu. It is full of Buddhist and Taoist temples and monasteries, often located in beautiful peaceful parks.

    If you need a getaway from city life, there are plenty of parks, nature reserves and beautiful mountain areas around Chengdu. (Chengdu is located at the base of the Himalayas)

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