Punta de Mita


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    Upon setting foot in Punta de Mita, as you stand in the white sands of this peninsula and look out over the immense ocean, you will be overcome with tranquility. You will leave the world behind, as if you were alone on a desert island, sheltered in a hidden refuge. And this is exactly what Punta de Mita is: an exclusive and luxurious getaway that rises from the peninsula that includes almost 10 kilometers of virgin beaches, surrounded by green hills. Here, the Pacific Ocean opens before those visitors who never seem to tire of admiring the endless turquoise-blue depths of the sea.

    Imagine taking in the open ocean as you read a satisfying book, walking through the resort grounds seemingly surrounded by Babylonian gardens, or pampering your palate as you are mesmerized by the sun’s descent below the horizon. And of course, visiting this exclusive Paradise of Punta de Mita— is a must. Let yourself be swept away by the fine sands, whimsical rock formations, and fresh air of Punta de Mita. You will return home with an allover sense of rest and regeneration and you will not be disappointed.

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