Phu Quoc


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    One of Asia’s most popular beach and honeymoon destination and a haven for snorkeling enthusiasts, the Phu Quoc Islands are a favorite vacation spot for both Vietnamese and international tourist alike. Phu Quoc is situated in the Gulf of Thailand 45 kilometers from the southern tip of mainland Vietnam and only 4 kilometers from nearby Cambodia. It is part of the Kien Giang Biosphere Conservation Area which in 2006 was recognized by UNESCO as a World Biosphere Reserve.

    With a growing list of accommodation options — from simple beach bungalows to luxury 5 star resorts, the island district also has Vietnam’s fifth largest international airport, an international standard hospital, and an international cruise ship port. Designated as a “special economic zone”, tourists can stay for up to 30 days visa free.

    Dry Season from November to March is the best time to visit Phu Quoc is during the dry season because the weather is less unpredictable, it is less humid, you can watch more sunrises and sunsets, the sea is calm and clear, and the island restaurants, resorts.

    Phu Quoc travel activities are abundant ranging from land, ocean and aerial tours to hiking, scuba diving, fishing, bird watching, trekking and snorkeling. On Phu Quoc Island you will find a large amusement park, safari zoo, and world class golf courses. Shopping is plentiful and there are limitless options to enjoy the finest cuisines from around Vietnam and the world. Visit Vietnam’s most beautiful beach, tour historic prisons, discover sacred temples, trek through a National Park, or simply enjoy the ocean sunset.

    On Phu Quoc you will find Vietnam’s largest open air safari park, zoo and wildlife conservation center spanning over 380 hectares and accommodating over 2,000 animals. Some of the animals you will find here include: Bengal tiger, white rhino, giraffes, ostriches and many others.

    Located at the southern tip of the island you will find world’s longest single section aerial cable car system at 7.9kms in length. The Phu Quoc Cable Car system links An Thoi Town with Hon Thom Island and can transport 3,500 passengers per hour!

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