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    The volcanic outcrop of Ischia is the most developed and largest of the islands in the Bay of Naples. It is an intriguing concoction of sprawling spa towns, abundant gardens, buried necropolises and spectacular scenery, with forests, vineyards and picturesque small towns. Ischia only attracts a fraction of the day trippers that head for Capri from Naples in summer.

    To reach the island from Naples, you can take one of the ferries departing from Calata di Porta di Massa to Ischia Porto and Casamicciola Terme. It will take 90 minutes, but it is definitely the best option if you want to take a panoramic tour of the coast, and see Procida and Vivara in the distance. You can also take a ferry in Pozzuoli, which is closer to Ischia, or one of the hydrofoils departing from Molo Beverello in Naples to Ischia, Casamicciola and Forio.

    Ischia has a wealth of things to see and do from its fantastic beaches, thermal parks, gardens and historical sites such as Castello Aragonese and Chiesa del Soccorso. Divided up into 6 main districts with a whole host of smaller towns dotted around the town has something for everyone from quiet, tranquil corners with magnificent views to its more vibrant areas of shops, restaurants, bars and clubs.

    Ischia is famous for its thermal water and one of the favorite activities on the island is a day out at a thermal park, a wellness spa or even a natural spring like Sorgeto. Hiking along the trails of Mount Epomeo, walking to Ischia Ponte to admire the famous Aragonese Castle, visiting the lush gardens of La Mortella: this is Ischia, between green nature and the blue sea.

    Eating is one of the island’s great pleasures; while seafood is an obvious specialty, Ischia is also famed for its rabbit, bred on inland farms. Take a gastronomic journey in Ischia. A tour to discover ancient vineyards and enjoy a glass of Biancolella or Per’e Palummo accompanied by the best food products of the area. The fresh catch of the day or delicious peasant dishes, such as the famous Ischia-style rabbit: just make your choice.

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