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    The largest city of Morocco, Casablanca, almost universally referred to as 'Casa', is significantly different from traditional African cities. Casablanca’s modern character and free-pattern town planning is noticeable at every step. In the old district of city, called Medina, there are a lot of historical sights. Although the wide boulevards, well-tended parks, fountains and the architecture of colonialism create the impression of an economically strong city, Casablanca remains a city of contrasts. Modern skyscrapers and luxurious buildings in art-deco style of the French colonialism times surround narrow streets of medina. In the rich districts of the city there are chic villas with swimming pools and gardens, and on the outskirts - slums. The rhythm of Casablanca's life is reminiscent of the southern European cities: people are in a hurry everywhere, women do not cover their faces with veils. For many Americans and Europeans, Casablanca is associated with beautiful life, riches and adventures. Nowadays the city remains a symbol of modern Morocco and with its boulevards and skyscrapers in many ways resembles a large western city, but not African. Only the Hassan II mosque seems to hover over the city, but it also can be called a symbol of modern architecture.

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