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    Sochi is one of the most beautiful, unique and extended cities in Russia. This amazing city is located along the Black Sea coast. Sochi is the largest resort city in Russia today, an important transport hub and a major economic and cultural center of the Black Sea coast of Russia. Sochi is not only a popular city with a lot of hotels, boarding houses and sanatoriums. It’s not just about the sea and mountains, unique ridges and passes, meandering canyons and enchanting waterfalls, ancient caves and mystical dolmens. Only here, thanks to the subtropical climate, you can see the northernmost tea plantations in the world, as well as magnolia, eucalyptus and palm trees growing in natural conditions. Guests coming to Sochi get into the atmosphere of health improvement, beach recreation and entertainment, sports spirit, entertainment events and excursions. Sanatorium treatment, combined with a subtropical climate, warm mountain air, a unique flora and a gentle sea create an amazing effect to health recovery. The modern city of Sochi is the pearl of Russian Federation.

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