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    Yala is one of the most famous and oldest natural reserves, located in the southeastern part of Sri Lanka. The second official name of the park is Ruhuna National Park. Its area is about 100 hectares.

    Tourists are full guests of the national park. They are allowed to observe the entire ecosystem of the flora and fauna of Yala. They enjoy the beauty and refinement of various colors, shrubs and trees, and not far from the many lakes you can relax. In Yala lives many animals, including wild ones. However, no one tries to put them in a cage, believing that this is not the most humane way of caring for “our younger brothers”.

    There you can slowly observe how monkeys jump on the vines, how buffaloes drink, how deer communicate with each other, and how suddenly the crocodile’s head emerges from the water. There are very rare animals in Yala, listed in the Red Book — for example, the so-called Ceylon leopard. It is especially interesting to watch the leisurely turtles, as there are more than 20 species in the national park and there is a chance to see some truly original specimen.

    The only way to get closer to the residents of Yala is to take part in an open-air safari. Groups of 4-5 people are seated in cars, and the car slowly drives around the reserve. The best time to visit the reserve is early morning, when there are much less people in the reserve, and the animals are in a relaxed state. Take a camera, a replaceable battery, a bottle of water — and go ahead to conquer Yala!

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