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    Desaru is 100 km from the state capital Johor Bahru.

    It has earned its popularity due to its clean beaches, beautiful golf courses and unique attractions. Picturesque tropical forests and warm waves of the South China Sea attract tourists from all over the world.

    Such interesting sights are located here as Desaru Beach, the fishing village-museum in Tanjung Balau, Desaru fruit farm, and also only here travelers have the opportunity for a unique and bewitching performance, coordinated by nature itself — the famous dance of thousands of fireflies on the Lebam River.

    Desaru is called the “Village of Cassowary,” and these trees really grow here in large numbers. The beach stretches for 20 km. On the pristine, untouched coast on the southeastern tip of the Malacca Peninsula. Some of its sites are very good for surfing and sailing, others for snorkelling or canoeing. Nearby are waterfalls, natural lakes and jungles where you can take walks.

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