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    Serengeti national Park in Tanzania is one of the oldest national Parks and is the flagship of Tanzania tourism industry. The word Serengeti is derived from the Maasai word Siringitu, which means: ‘The place where land moves forever’. The park covers an area of approximately 15,000 km² and is one of the famous tourist attractions in Tanzania. Renowned for its huge number of predators and the Great Serengeti Migration of two million wildebeest, this tourist spot in Tanzania is worth the visit once in your lifetime. The park is surrounded by remarkable tribes such as the Masai and Hadzabe which showcases the true culture and lifestyle of African people. This park in Tanzania is a world heritage site which has attracted thousands of tourists from all walks of life. Being famous for its abundant wildlife, travelers have ample time to spend and explore the wilderness of this tourist spot in Tanzania. A safari tour in Serengeti national park should not be missed as you get to experience the unmatched beauty of gigantic creatures that are there in the park. Wildlife found in this park include lion, cheetah, hyenah, leopard, topi, eland, hartebeest, buffalo, elephant, caracal, serval, bat-eared fox, hyrax, genet, hares, porcupine and many more.

    The Serengeti National Park is so popular to visit not only for the stunning wildlife, but because you get great weather almost year round. The best time to visit Serengeti is during dry season that is from June to October. The daily temperature at this time of year can reach highs of 30 Celsius and go as low as 15 Celsius with little rain. This is the best time when animals are active and the temperature remains cool and pleasant throughout the day. Dry weather in Serengeti means sparse vegetation and easier viewing on your safari which allows the travelers to enjoy and explore the place without any hassle.

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