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      Papua’s second-biggest city, Sorong sits at the northwestern tip of the Vogelkop. It’s a busy port and base for oil and logging operations in the region. Few travellers stay longer than it takes to get on a boat to the Raja Ampat Islands, but Sorong can be interesting for a day or two, and there are some worthwhile destinations in the surrounding region. In terms of tourism, Sorong City is indeed popular. Many types of tourist attractions are available there. For example, there is a famous beach called Tanjung Kasuari. People are impressed by its stunning white sand and superb seascape. That means the beach becomes the most visited tourist spot in Sorong. Apart from it, there are several islands like Doom, Soop, and Raam. All of them are worth a visit, so island hopping is considered a recommended thing to do there. Another popular vacation destination is Dofior Wall that is famous for its sea scenery and sunset.Some tourists come to Sorong City for numerous reasons. Apart from tourism, they are attracted in its industry. The fact is that Sorong has a significant contribution to Raja Ampat’s economy. As mentioned before, the most famous company is NNGPM. It is even famous among travelers, on which people can visit and witness the business activity there. Overall, Sorong City is a worthy vacation, so everyone should visit it.

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