La Fortuna de San Carlos

Costa Rica

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    La Fortuna belongs to the Canton of San Carlos, which is located in the northern zone of Costa Rica. San Carlos is the canton number 10 of the province of Alajuela. It is the largest Canton in the territorial extension of the country; it is an economy based on agriculture and livestock, it is the main area of Costa Rica in milk production. Ciudad Quesada is the central district and the main city of San Carlos; it is located just 45 kilometers from La Fortuna. La Fortuna is the 7th district of San Carlos and is the main tourist destination in the northern area of Costa Rica. La Fortuna de San Carlos is a town of approximately 15,000 inhabitants. This town is located 883 meters above sea level. Its main economic activity nowadays is Tourism, but until before 1995, its economy was based on Agriculture and Livestock. In recent years, there are more foreigners who have fallen in love with the area and have decided to buy properties in La Fortuna, either to live permanently or to visit more regularly during the year. The topography of La Fortuna and San Carlos is very flat, in fact, the area is known as the “Sancarleño plain”. It is an area rich in wildlife and tropical forests.

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