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    Hermanus is situated in the heart of the Whale Route, just 100km from Cape Town on the Cape Whale Coast of the Western Cape in South Africa. Hermanus has developed from a rustic fishing village into one of the world’s best whale-viewing sites. An appealing place to kick back and watch the ocean titans as they cruise close to shore, seemingly without a care. Their yearly visit is celebrated with The Whale Festival — a truly spectacular event, and great for families.

    Stretched along a narrow ribbon of land between towering mountains and a spectacular shoreline, Hermanus is surrounded by nature in her grandest style. Sitting on the edge of Walker Bay, this small coastal town offers a bewitching array of experiences. Whales and Great White Sharks, the most diverse Floral Kingdom in the world, mountain walks and pristine beaches, secluded forests, crashing surf, lagoons and a hidden valley so beautiful it’s named ‘Heaven and Earth.’

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