Recommended Hotels

    The southern lake shore hosts dozen of hotels of all categories and several high standard campsites that make Naivasha one of the preferred destinations for short brakes from Nairobi City havoc. Beside international tourism, the lake shore is a popular destination for congresses, business meetings, educational school trips and memorable romantic outings. This great success is undoubtedly due to the mild temperatures, the presence of abundant water supplies, the scenic and amenity value represented by the lake shore and by ints flora and fauna. Lake Naivasha’s riparian zone provides wildlife and scenery that are very attractive to tourists. Together with the adjacent Hell’s Gate National Park, the Lake riparian zone hosts a large number of birds and mammals that can be easily seen and identified by tourists. Hippos and fish eagles are the most charismatic species; they are actively sought by tourist guides during boat rides. Naivasha Hippos are relatively tame and tranquil, especially when approached in water where they feel comfortable. On land they can be come aggressive and very dangerous if provoked. The great variety of birds ( nearly 400 species recorded over the years ) provides the opportunity of an enchanting experience also for those who had never thought of birdwatching before coming here. Other large mammals, such as colobus monkey, giraffe, waterbuck, Grant’s gazelle, wildebeest are extremely tame and acquainted to tourist encouters. The lack of large predators and the national ban on hunting make these animals particularly self-confident and easy to approach; this provides tourists with a particularly enriching experience that can be hardly matched elsewhere.

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