Felicite island


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    This heavily-forested granite island is located just 4 km from the northern coast of La Digue, and is a popular destination for day-trippers, with the crossing taking just twenty minutes. Approximately 3 km long and 1.3 km across, the island reaches a maximum elevation of 277 metres, a peak that shares its name with the island itself. Until 2007, there was luxury accommodation here, booked directly through the La Digue Island Lodge. This accommodation had many prominent celebrity guests, including Steffi Graf and Tony Blair. Once upon a time, Félicité acted as a nobile exile, especially during the 19th century. For example, the Sultan of Perak was banished to the island, accused of murder. He was released a few years later. Félicité also has a long tradition of copra production. Around 50 people lived here in the early 20th century until the 1970s, managing a large coconut plantation. Since 2016, the countless palms have served as an exotic backdrop to the newly-opened luxury resort on the island. The waters to the south of Marianne rank among the most beautiful diving spots of the Inner Seychelles. Félicité, along with the neighbouring islands of Ile Cocos, Les Soeurs, and Marianne, is one of the so-called ’satellite islands’ of La Digue. Finally, the name ’Félicité’ translates as ’Bliss’, something which gives you an idea of the beauty of the island.

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