Al Ruwais


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    Al Ruwais is an extremely popular Qatar tourist destination, which is famous for its unique cultural mix. Al Ruwais has located 110 km from the famous city Doha. Al Ruwais is situated on the northern tip of the peninsula. The city has attracted numerous tourists to the region therefore its will not be wrong if we say that Al Ruwais has played an important role in promoting tourism in Qatar.

    Al Ruwais is an ideal getaway if you want to escape from the crowds of the city. The place is a perfect destination to come and spend long weekends with your close friends. The city offers numerous things to do which ensure you don’t get bored on your trip to Al Ruwais. You can see the traditional Bedouin lifestyle at Al Ruwais. Visitors get insight into the history and cultural heritage of the region. Al Ruwais offers breathtaking views. A visit to the city relaxes your mind and body you tend to forget the daily life tensions in the tranquil environment. Your trip is made all the more memorable by the hotels that are situated in Al Ruwais. The staff of the hotels tells you about various rules and regulations of the city. The staff also tells you about the various attractions in the city.

    Al Ruwais park is one of the attractions envisioned to have local community garden plots, picnic areas, prayer room, cafeteria, pedestrian pathways shaded pavilions, restrooms, heavily limbed shaded trees, and a recreational open space that will serve the tourist on a leisure tour opportunity.

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