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    Fiuggi (Central-Northern Latian dialect: Fiuio) is a comune (municipality) in the province of Frosinone in the region of Lazio in central Italy. The town of Fiuggi became famous for its Acqua di Fiuggi (Fiuggi Water) which flows from its natural springs and mountains. The water has been used in Italy since as early as the 14th century and is famous for its natural healing properties.

    Acqua di Fiuggi

    The Acqua di Fiuggi (“Fiuggi’s Water”) source runs through ancient volcanic deposits in the Ernici mountains which has an ecosystem that has historically been unaltered by humans. In Europe it is classified as an Oligomineral water, and has been proven to contain certain components of the “humic substance” group which, it is claimed, gives the water its health benefits.

    Main sights

    Fiuggi is a divided into two parts, the upper and lower. The area where the springs are located is called new Fiuggi, or Fiuggi Fonte at the base of the hill (it was developed during the Middle Ages so it is not all that new). The upper part, or old Fiuggi, is 760 metres (2,500 ft) above sea level. The natives call it “Fiuggi Citta”. Fiuggi Città is a medieval fortified village, which was around even before Roman time. Main attractions include:

    • Fonte Bonifacio
    • Fonte Anticolana
    • Terme di Fiuggi — Spa and Golf center
    • The tiny church of Santa Maria del Colle
    • The church of San Biagio, which even if it was rebuilt in the 17th century, it still preserves some fresco paintings of Giotto’s scholars.
    • The cast iron fountain in Piazza Piave, erected in 1907 to celebrate the arrival of running water in this town that owes its very existence to the abundant springs running below the hill.
    • The ornate Palazzo Falconi, at the center of the ancient town. To this building it is linked the legend that also Napoleon Bonaparte has slept here.
    • The former Grand Hotel, now the municipal theatre.
    • The church of “San Pietro” built on the ruins of the ancient castle. The actual bell tower was one of the tower of the former castle.
    • Fiuggi is home to several spas that incorporate the Fiuggi water as part of their hydrotherapy treatment.
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